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Encounter Animals

Availability of Animals Subject to Change at Anytime.

All of our encounters are 15 minutes long and has a maximum of 5 people.



These furry friends are ready to meet you! With our encounters, you can play, hold, and get to know each of these animals on a personal level. Book with us now to have this awesome experience!

To Schedule an encounter please call or text our contact number once we have released our opening date!


Sally & Samuel, our Six-banded Armadillos

$50 Per Group


Teddy, our playful Fennec Fox.

$100 Per Group


Daisy & Della, our baby Kangaroos

$75 Per Group

bw lemur.jpg

Cleo, the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur

$125 Per Group


Darla, our playful Coatimundi

$90 Per Group


Snakes, Lizards & Tortoises

in our Reptile Cabin

All reptile encounters are included in admission!