In order to better facilitate educational opportunities, Liberty Acres is in the process of building two cabins that will be learning facilities where children can engage in hands on learning experiences. One is the L.A.C.E. "Feathers" Aviary, the other will be L.A.C.E. Wriggles (if it crawls, slithers, wiggles, or slime, you'll find it here).

     We are also building the new "Coyote Hole Mining" a mining sluice for kids of all ages to pan for gems, fossils, minerals, and other natural wonders as we think there is nothing better than an excuse to play in the dirt, unless its also a way find the secret treasures that Mother Nature graced us with.

     L.A.C.E. Feathers - Interactive Walk-thru where you can feed the Budgies and see them flying up close, educational feather & egg crafts, Parrots, Extinct Species, and more. 

     L.A.C.E. Wriggles - Wouldn't you love to say you held a Milk snake or made friends with a Chameleon? Visit Wriggles, where there are Poison Dart Frogs, Snakes, and other reptiles. Have fun with critter crafts, see skeletons, shed skins, fossils, and Insects in the all new Wriggles Cabin.

     Pheasant Alley - Walk down the alley and see more than 2 dozen species of rare or endangered Pheasants, Peacocks, Crowned Cranes, and other birds. Be sure to stop and see the Edwards & Argus Pheasants.

     Camel Caravan - A small clearing where you can sit and watch the camels, Snoopy & Woodstock, then roam beyond into the woods to Gypsy Path. 

     Gypsy Path - Fairy Glen, DragonFly Crossing, and other points of interest are nestled in nooks, crannies and around the next bend, as you walk the trail beyond Camel Caravan into the shaded woods and try to complete the scavenger hunt list. 

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