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The Beauty of Birds

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Here at Liberty Acres you will find a variety of different bird species from all over the world. Pheasants are one of the most endangered groups of birds due to hunting and habitat loss. 

The Edwards's pheasant (Vietnamese pheasant), which we raise here on the farm, is the most critically endangered pheasant that is thought to now be extinct in the wild. The World Pheasant Association along with Vietnature, private breeders and zoos are working towards the breeding and releasing of these captive birds into the wild. 

Featured Bird

Edwards’s pheasant or Vietnam pheasant
(Lophura edwardsi)

Edwards pheassant

This quiet bird is listed by International Union for conservation of Nature on the 100 most endangered species list and also listed as Critically Endangered on IUCN Redlist. Hunting and loss of habitat are a couple primary reasons for losses. Most researchers believe that they are now extinct in the wild and only remain in captivity. Last sighting was 20 plus years ago. A reintroduction program from captive birds in zoos and private breeders is underway by Viet Nature, WPA and EAZA to release into the wild.

Meet some of our birds!

Conservation & Education, while providing high quality care and enrichment, is our top priority.

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